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Salon Concert

Wednesday 18.5.2022

Renlundin museo/Roosin talo

Pitkänsillankatu 39, Kokkola

EUR. 15 €/10 € 


In the 1800s Mrs. Emelie Drake ran the restaurant Sällskapsklubben in Kokkola in the building that is today known as Snellman House. It was in this very building that Martin Paul performed in a concert on 14th July, 1885. The first renowned accordionist in Finland, his repertoire at that time was salon music and compositions of the era’s most popular composers. Now you can have the pleasure of listening to the very same program, performed by a talented duo.

Expect a captivating musical experience spanning several centuries.

– Donizetti-Bellini-Reisner-Lumbye-von Flotow-

Markku Lepistö            1- and  3- row accordions
Ilpo Laspas                  piano, harpsicord

Tickets 15 €/10 €

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Isokatu 3, Kokkola

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