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Goodbye, Vyborg! -musical drama

Wednesday 14.2.2024


Pitkänsillankatu 16, Kokkola

25 €

During the winter war, the people of Vyborg were offered the opportunity to leave their beloved treasures at home, where the authorities would collect them, take care of them and bring them back to the owners to the evacuation centers. In what state of mind did the people of Vyborg turn their backs on the singing capital of Karelia? Goodbye, Vyborg! is a dramatic but optimistic work about a lost city and the fate of its inhabitants.

The musical drama which is based on real events and characters tells a forgotten, touching story with words and music. The music is compiled from hits of the era and new songs composed by Seppo Äikäs.

Production: Greta Production


Anna Kortelainen                                                    manuscript
Reetta Ristimäki                                                      dramatization and direction
Pinja Ruokolainen                                                  mask design

Niina Ahola
Ilkka Hämäläinen
Marika Hölttä
Seppo Äikäs                                                                 actors/musicians

Tickets: 25 €
(additional costs are added)

Hilla-card benefit 3 €

Poimintoja / Utdrag / Excerpts

Accordion Skiing

It’s nice and cozy for a skier to ski when Rastimaja’s fireplace creates a warm atmosphere. At Rastimaja, you can grease your skis and enjoy a nice hot cup of juice. Music by Simo Hietala.

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11 February, 2024
}Sunday, 11:00 - 14:00
Ahvenpolku 8, Kokkola

Festivals Closing Party

Come to the raucous closing party of the festival! Jarkko Helin & Crawfish kings Jarkko Helin                       harmonikka/dragspel ja/och laulu/sång Harri Raudaskoski             kitara/gitarr ja/och laulu/sång Mikko Löytty                      basso/bass Dino Kullberg                    rummut/trummis ——– Antti Paalanen                    harmonikka/dragspel ja/och laulu/sång FREE ADMISSION

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17 February, 2024
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Rossos Winter Karaoke

Come to Rossos Winter Karaoke!

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17 February, 2024
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Isokatu 4, Kokkola, Finland

Valentine’s Days Winter Fun

Downhill skiing, juice serving and winding hill to the beat of music!

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14 February, 2024
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Kelkkatie 1, Kokkola

Festivals official dance

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16 February, 2024
Liput: 20€EUR
}Friday, 20:00 - 01:00
Vapaudentie 1, Kokkola

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