Vickan & Väinö – children’s opera wed-fri

Wednesday 15.2.2023

Schools of Kokkola

Kokkola, Finland

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A story about two mice who meet architect Carl Ludwig Engel in his home in the 1840s. Vickan comes from Stockholm, while Väinö hails from Ulvsby. A rival architect, Philip Löw, steals Engel’s blueprints. How on earth are the mice going to learn to understand eachother and be able to get the drawings back?

The work was created especially for ages 4-10 and aims to show how children can become familiar with other versions of their native language through opera and see just how easy it is to understand eachother.

Composition  Cecilia Damström
Manuscript and direction  Marina Motaleff
Scenography and Costumes  Tarmo Tanttu



Anna Sandström         Vickan

Ville Salonen                Väinö

Aku Rantama               Engel/Löw

Sonja Vertainen           harmonikka/accordeon



Poimintoja / Utdrag / Excerpts

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