Aleksis Kivi – A comedy about a man who became a monument

Wednesday 15.2.2023


Pitkänsillankatu 16, Kokkola, Finland

Tickets: 29 €/15 €

In this joint stage project as part of the National Theatre’s 150th anniversary programme, Red Nose Company and accordion artist Niko Kumpuvaara will explore the life and work of Aleksis Kivi. Why has Kivi in ​​particular been put on a pedestal? What price did he end up paying for devoting himself to art and going his own way? Such questions will be addressed in the context of Aleksis Kivi as national poet; from death to love, existentialism to money and nature to the problems of the modern world. The performance also reveals much about the author’s lesser-known sides and the people who influenced his life, allowing him to become the artist he wanted to be.

Acting performances Timo Ruuskanen ja/och Tuukka Vasama
Accordion  Niko Kumpuvaara

Text and Dramaturgy Eva Buchwald, Timo Ruuskanen, Linda Wallgren and Tuukka Vasama
Direction  Timo Ruuskanen, Linda Wallgren and Tuukka Vasama
Dramaturgist   Eva Buchwald
Scenography and costume planning Tarja Simone
Lighting   Jere Kolehmainen 

Tickets: 29 €/15 €

Poimintoja / Utdrag / Excerpts

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