Festivals official dance

Friday 16.2.2024


Vapaudentie 1, Kokkola

20 €


Experience Winter Accordions festival dance with the power of two orchestras.
Everyone is welcome to dance on the big floor! Cafe open.

FRIDAY 16.2   20-01

Guns Rosor has been entertaining the dance people of Ostrobothnia since 2013, i.e. for ten years despite their young age. The happy stage mood and versatile music with major-based music has worked in both Finnish and Swedish speaking areas.


 Herman Hagnäs        vocals, saxophone, quitar
Joel Åman                   bass, vocals
Robin Grankvist        keyboards, accordion, vocals
Holger Lund               quitar, keyboards, vocals
Herman Nyqvist        drums


The Maininki Orchestra spices up traditional dance music with passion!



Jiri Tammilehto                  vocal
Juha Orjala                         accordion
Matti Nurila                       bass 
Jali Lundell                        quitar
Veli-Matti Jämsä                percussion


Tickets: 20 €
Tickets from the door

Poimintoja / Utdrag / Excerpts

Duo Brunell

Martina & Mauriz Brunell

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15 February, 2024
20 €/ 10 €EUR
}Thursday, 19:00 - 21:00
Kauppiaankatu 10, Pietarsaari


Announcing the CD produced by the Central Ostrobothnia Chamber Orchestra and the Winter Accordion Festival. The album features accordion concertos by Aulis Sallinen, Minna Leinonen and Veli Kujala.

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12 February, 2024
}Monday, 10:00 - 11:00
Pitkänsillankatu 16, Kokkola

Winter Accordions Seminar – “Can music be an ambassador for equality?”

In the panel discussion:   Composer Cecilia Damström Docent of musicology Juha Torvinen PhD researcher Nuppu Koivisto-Kaasik Moderator will be journalist Anni Saari

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16 February, 2024
USDVapaa pääsy
}Friday, 16:30 - 18:00
Pitkänsillankatu 16, KOKKOLA, Finland

Kallentori soi!

Event will be opened by Wanha Kalle Martti Nykänen. Two-time winner of the Syksyn Sävel competition, entertainer Erkki Liikanen is still in good musical shape. The evacuation sleigh goes to Silakka-apaja at a fast pace with a lively sense of humor and the accompaniment of Seppo Lankinen. Also included are Torikööri, the 50-year-old Kokkolanseutu accordion […]

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17 February, 2024
}Saturday, 10:00 - 15:00
Pitkänsillankatu 15, Kokkola

Karelian Valentine’s Day lunch

Karelian food culture at its tastiest, come and enjoy it!

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14 February, 2024
14 €EUR
}Wednesday, 11:00 - 14:00
Isokatu 1, Kokkola

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