Mimmit – Musapatti

Tuesday 9.2.2021




A concert for children

Pauliina Lerche  — vocals, accordion
Hannamari Vallila — vocals, melodica

Embark on a wild adventure to the beat of fast-paced music, through the world of dinosaurs and into the human digestive tract, of all places. Next, head down south to Antarctica to meet with explorers.

Prepare to be left with a newfound knack for English and a love of cleaning — and whatever else happens to occupy Musapatti´s headspace. In this this interactive concert we’ll also meet the characters Pii, Salama and Jiro, who will ask tricky questions of Mimmit and the children. (The concert will provide the answers.) How will Mimmi and the children succeed?

Captivating, fast-paced songs paired with acoustic instruments typical of Mimmit are all on the menu in this performance, whose story unfolds through accompanying animation. Friendships will be strengthened and social skills will be taught at this concert, which is well-suited to daycare and school groups.

This performance will be prerecorded and aired on a screen. 

Poimintoja / Utdrag / Excerpts

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