Jubilee Dance

Friday 17.2.2023


Vapaudentie 1, Kokkola, 67100, Finland

Liput 20 €


This year’s Winter Accordion jubilee dance in Urheilutalo is a two-orchestra affair. There’s no excuse not to get up and dance on such a large floor, and the cafe will be open, too.  Guns Rosor has been entertaining Ostrobothnian dance audiences for 10 years despite being themselves relatively young. With their versatile sound, they manufacture an on-stage joy that quickly infects the audience, and have successfully amused both Finnish and Swedish dance audiences.

Guns Rosor

Herman Hagnäs        vocals, saxophone, guitar 

Joel Åman                 bass, vocals

Robin Grankvist        keyboards, accordion, vocals 

Holger Lund             guitar, keyboards, vocals 

Herman Nyqvist        drums


Maininki Orchestra offers atmospheric traditional dance music with Jiri Tammilehto as soloist.

Jiri Tammilehto & Maininki

Jiri Tammilehto vocals 

Juha Orjala accordion

Matti Nurila bass

Jali Lundell        guitar

Veli-Matti Jämsä percussion


Tickets 20 € 

Poimintoja / Utdrag / Excerpts

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